Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cornell Adventures Part I

The flight to Ithaca required two hops, the second of which was in this tiny 20-person jet with propellors. There were about six people on the flight.

So I get to Cornell and after some exploration of the dorm and a delicious dinner of poser Mexican food, we headed over to the community center to watch Glee. Obviously I was more entranced by my mocha smoothie than the show. . .

My friend's roomie didn't want me to sleep in her bed (even though she wouldn't be there at night) so we used a semi-abandoned room instead. Apparently this room had been adopted by two guys who lived across the hall (both friends of my friend) and was also sometimes used as a hookup room. Great. . .

Somehow I managed to fall asleep anyway.


  1. Lol, I like how you can just commandeer a room =P.

  2. Yup! One of the guys who adopted it was actually in there at the time and we just kicked him out. XD