Sunday, May 16, 2010

Playground Stargazing

Finally got to hang out with High School friends today. We went to see "How to Train Your Dragon" which was very cute. Afterwards we headed over to Emilie's house where we played apple to apples. I ended up being "shiny." We had pizza from upper crust (nomnomnom) quizzed eachother about social and academic happenings (mostly about bfs for those of us who have them.)

Afterwards we ran off in the dark to the nearby elementary school and climbed around on the playground for a while. I got spun around on a tire swing. Eventually we all retired to the normal swings. It was really awesome when you swung high enough and tilted your head back to look at the stars.

It was also determined that at least one of my friends was super jealous of me going to cmu purely because we have all the nerds. :P


  1. Yeah, she SHOULD be jealous XP.

    You only got Shiny? I guess you don't know your friends well enough XP.

    AAAAH, I wish I had people to hang out with late at night and go to the dinosaur playground in Shenley Park ;_;.

  2. aw I would have loved to hang out with you.

    I'm going to my high school tomorrow :)