Thursday, June 10, 2010


I remember being told in school that there were some homeless people in our town, but until today I never really believed that.

My town in general is really well off, and you never see any bums lying around on street corners and whatnot. But I've been in the center of town everyday to go to the library for tutoring and I noticed that I always seem to see this one old man looking in trash cans. If I hadn't seen him taking bottles out of the trash for the recycling money, I wouldn't have thought he was homeless at all. He seemed fairly well dressed and not in the least bit scruffy. But all the same I realized that he must be homeless because he was wandering around and checking every trash can for bottles. When he found one, he'd put it away in a big old shopping bag that was stuffed to the brim with them.

Even in lexi-land there are touches of the real world.

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  1. Homelessness: as real as the world gets.