Saturday, June 12, 2010

Italian Food & Cake

So I got to make dinner again for my family, more italian food.

Bread I made from scratch. It turned out to be absolutely delicious and well worth the 2 days I spent making it. It wasn't really that hard, just a lot of waiting. Recipe from here.

The main part of dinner was chicken parmesan. Something that I've never made before, but something that you all know well that I love. This wasn't too hard either, and it also turned out really good.

So a new bakery called Cake opened up in town so I went down there with a few friends to check it out.

I got a box of mini cupcakes, one of each kind, to try them out and share with my family. Half of them had been eaten already by the time I took this photo. . . XD

And of course I got a big cupcake for myself. Mmmm, mocha. . .


  1. Shit man, 2 days?!?! I would totally lose track of time / the fact that I was still in the process of making bread, and just eat it before it was done =_=.

    Also, the cupcakes remind of ART && CODE :D.

  2. You would eat yeasty bread starter? XD

    Mmm, ART && CODE. . .