Sunday, July 18, 2010

Chicago - Backstage

So my aunt's boyfriend works for the stage crew of the band Chicago, and every year when they come to Boston he gets us in for free. Above is a video of one of their most famous songs, of course from when they were a LOT younger.

He gave us all-access stickers and showed us around backstage, what the bus for the crew was like, and we got to meet some of the band. We talked mostly to the saxophone player, and he was really nice.

During the show we got to sit in the booth/space where they controlled sound and lighting. It was pretty interesting to see the sound and lighting guys sit there really nonchalantly flicking a switch or two every so often. It kind of boggled me how they could do that since the sound and especially the light board had thousands of switches, most of which looked exactly alike.

The band was touring with another 70's rock group called the Doubie Brothers. DB played their songs, then Chicago came on, and after they a while the Doubie Brothers came back on and played with Chicago in one awesome megaband.

I'm not really the biggest fan of 70s rock, and I was definitely among the youngest people there, but the music was really good and overall it was pretty cool to see.


  1. Sweet :D. I would love to learn how to do sound an lighting XP.

  2. woah VIP! haha the music sounds pretty decent too, love the oldies.