Thursday, July 15, 2010

Switches that gross you out

swi ora from Katrin Baumgarten on Vimeo.

If you guys don't make faces while watching this, YOU AREN'T HUMAN.



  1. Lol, eww. Is someone behind the wall controlling those switches (at the very least for the first one)? It looks like they're going, "Oh, you want to turn off the lights, huh? Well, that's all right with--haha! You thought it would be that easy? I'm going to pull away the switch/touch you with my chest hair first!"

  2. Wealaagghah. That's the approximation of the sound I'm making in my head.

    It's cool though. Gross, but cool.

    Also, it looks like a face for the first few seconds. A very cute face, I might add.